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Live your life in Style

Welcome to an Uncharted Horizon of Real Estate Luxury combined with Maritime Adventure!


Realize Your Aspirations for Distinctive Luxury and Savvy Investments.

Unlock the door to exceptional luxury and distinguished living, all while making sound investment choices. Explore our premium projects in prime locations. Our seasoned legal advisors are here to guide you in obtaining visas, securing residency, navigating immigration procedures, and meeting nationality requirements, all while ensuring a financially prudent investment strategy. Your desire for opulence, distinction, and smart investments converges here


Where the magic of East and West is boundless

Fınd yourself a place ın the Future Landmark of Luxury

By buying a property in the most beautiful city in the world, you can not only enjoy the beauty of nature and the high return value of your investment but also enjoy Residenceship & Nationality.
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Enjoy the high mountains, green forests,  turquoise lakes, and the outstanding beaches

Live in Luxury on the Adriatic sea and enjoy being a resident and a citizen in one of the EU states in the coming near future. Enjoy the beautiful beaches 

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A city beyond the clouds

Enjoy living a luxurious life where time travel is possible and where you live the future in your present.

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United States of America

 Land of the Free

Live your dreams where the sky is the limit and where the housing sector compared to other countries is the biggest growing sector in the world.

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Combine your Luxurious accommodation with a Yacht experience

dreamy destination for summer vacation in villa. Luxury villa with yacht perfect for summe

Grow Your Vision

Check out our combined offers with limitless possibilities and unmatched elegance!

Elevate your experience with the seamless fusion of prestigious yachting, elegant real estate (Worldwide), and extraordinary aviation.

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Dubai - UAE

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Frankfort - Germany

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Moscow - Russia

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GV-marina, A specialized division by Green Vertex Co. Ltd- Istanbul.

Amman - Jordan

+962 79 521 23 07

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